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Using a modified view camera, Pierre Elie de Pibrac produced a series of photos shot within the very walls of the Palais Garnier. A joint endeavour with the ballerinas, these 14 photos were shot using a very wide angle lens. The artist pays homage to the beauty of the Charles Garnier building while respecting the rules of perspective. This 180 degree view that highlights the contrast between the fragility of the performers and the strength of the building, brings to life the constant interplay of dialogue between the monument and the dancers.


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Using a specially transformed lens, Pierre-Elie de Pibrac captured the energy and aura emitted by the dancers during their performances. A totally new visual and subjective rendering of on-stage emotions.



Using a telemetry camera with a 23 mm fixed-focal lens, Pierre-Elie de Pibrac slipped into the intimate world of the Opéra dancers to take close-up photographs of the ballerinas in action.