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Through a tight framing and photographing them in front of their house with walls often decrepit but colorful, I immortalized each of these faces in its natural setting, in the environment of its own in order to brins out more truth and to capture the uniqueness of each of them. By inserting a filigree text, I wanted to go beyond the simple portrait in the sense that something remains hidden there. The viewer will have to decipher the codes. These carefully chosen sentences come from Fidel’s propaganda discourses heavily rooted in Cuban identity.


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The Silenciar series deals with a universal subject, the feelings and emotions that can not be expressed freely. Through ghostly and statuary stagings, each repressed word is then replaced by the gestures of disjointed bodies, both powerful and resigned.


Immersed in the heart of Cuba, I met the inhabitants of the bateyes (villages) of the sugar factories still active or abandoned and the sugar workers to witness these lives sacrificed and immortalize these trades so emblematic of the island, condemned to disappear.